The checkout module on mobile
The checkout module on mobile

The One Page Checkout for Prestashop

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The Checkout module for Prestashop - one stop solution for perfect One page Checkout.

Compatibility: PS v1.7.4 - v1.7.6

Version: 3.2.0 (28.06.2019)

Author: Zelarg ( &

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Secure payment with modern SSL
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Easy "Fix or Refund" policy
Modules do not work as expected? We do quick fix or refund.


10 years of experience, developing our first Prestashop Checkout module back in 2009, we understand customer and e-shop owner needs try to deliver just right product, with perfect balance of performance and intuitive usage.

One page checkout module for Prestashop 1.7 - Feature highlights - what is different compared to standard Prestashop 1.7 checkout?

  • Social login - directly built in Facebook and Google, and other social networks through free OneAll Social login
  • Layout designer - to easily setup and change position of all block, add multiple extra HTML content blocks in checkout form
  • Just easy looking, intuitive checkout form which keeps customer engaged - designed for better conversions - compact, avoiding cluttered, no redundant clicks, no "Save" button
  • Invoice address first concept (Invoice address is primary)
  • Multiple designs to select out-of-the-box
  • Payment and Shipping methods always visible, updated immediately with any change in address
  • Intuitive usage of Multiple addresses in checkout form
  • Silent registration - secret weapon to increase abandoned cart reminder success
  • GDPR, German e-commerce law and Italy electronic certified email (PEC, or SDI) compliant
  • Totally Responsive - great looking on Smartphone and Desktop
  • Support for businesses and consumer order - collecting business details on demand with separate checkbox
  • Available in any language
  • Offering easy way to customize templates, CSS and JS, and many more...

See the CHANGELOG for 3.2.0 version (28.6.2019)

v3.2.0 - 20190626
[feature] New checkout form styling theme - German style, clean checkout
[feature] Shipping and Payment required fields - when not filled in, these section would be inaccessible
[feature] Added possibility to hide shipping and total cost in cart summary when shipping method is not selected
[fix] Improved showing shipping to (location) in shipping area - when enabled in config
[fix] Reorganized configuration page for better readability
[fix] Unset id_state when switching from one country (that has states) to another that also has states / provinces
[fix] Improved performance on shipping refresh on checkout form

v3.1.9 - 20190605
[feature] Floating save button in configuration, squeezing top navigation bar in configuration
[feature] Capitalize automatically fields: firstname, lastname, address1 and city, and uppercase postcode
[fix] Refresh mini-cart (available for some themes)
[fix] It was possible to proceed with order if quantity decreased during cart session on background

v3.1.8 - 20190525
[fix] Tax label shown incorrectly for tax exempt customers in shopping cart summary
[feature] Missing street number notice
[fix] Avoid customer account save if data wasn't changed
[fix] Birthdate translation
[fix] need_identification_number in country setup was not respected on checkout (e.g. for Italy)
[fix-shipping] pakkelabels_shipping - display postnummer input box for pakkelabels shipping modules

v3.1.7 - 20190412
[feature] Force email overlay - show checkout form only to customers that entered email address
[feature] Checkout blocks update loader - animation on Ajax requests
[feature] Email can be also made optional (auto-creating email for registration)
[feature] Compact cart option (better suited for cart summary in small width column)
[feature] Faster BO loading, with on-demand tinyMCE loading
[feature] Improved styles for narrow columns (especially login block and social buttons)
[fix] Logged in customers do not need to agree with GDPR and policy again on checkout form

v3.1.6 - 20190402
[feature] Improved virtual carts, with many fields in business fields section
[feature] Sticky position for cart block
[fix-payment] codpro live fee display
[fix] Better support for third party additionalCustomerFormFields (privacy checkboxes, etc.)
[fix] Country and state combobox labels shall be marked required
[fix] When 'Choose a password' is ticked, password shall be required field, regardless of guest checkout option
[fix] Virtual cart support (hiding of shipping address and methods)

v3.1.5 - 20190318
[fix] Carrier prices do not update on cart product quantity change
[fix-payment] Paypal with fee (fee parsing and display in cart summary)
[fix-payment] Paypal's Braintree card payment
[fix-shipping] Zasilkovna (packetery)
[feature] Show country name in shipping methods selection
[feature] New config option - force_customer_to_choose_country

v3.1.4 - 20190210
[fix] Postcode show/hide on country selection based on needZipCode config
[fix] Business fields undefined issue when changing address directly on checkout
[feature] Separate invoice and delivery addresses selection

v3.1.3 - 20190201
[fix-payment] codwfeeplus live fee display
[fix-payment] codfee live fee display
[fix-payment] Mollie multiple payment methods
[feature] Different order of checkout blocks on mobile
[feature] Business fields configurable, e.g. possibility to use 'other' field as Italian 'PEC'

v3.1.2 - 20190126
[fix-payment] Payline
[fix-payment] Presto-Changeo Sagepay
[fix-shipping] Omnivalt
[fix] Endless loading of shipping and payment with some themes (early selectors init)

v3.1.1 - 20181216
[fix] Implemented reorder functionality from default PS

v3.1.0 - 20181211
[feature] CSS/JS cache version control
[feature] Native Facebook and Google social logins
[feature] 'Add new address' added as a clickable link instead of dropdown
[feature] Copy invoice address vat_number and company into customer siret and company
[fix-payment] Atos
[fix] Quantity buttons background not visible in FF
[fix] Unescape characters in order_message box (bug from PS core)

v3.0.9 - 20181117
[feature] Social login integration (Oneall social login module)

v3.0.8 - 20181105
First stable release, TheCheckout for PS1.7
Quickly style checkout form and control checkout function and flow
Control every field on checkout form (visible, required)
Checkout form layout designer
Facebook and Google social login integration
Social login (Facebook & Google) integration
Company customer fields
Company / tax related fields for business customers

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9 Reviews

Nejlepší modul pro jednostránkovou objednávku
Používal jsem OPC od tohoto autora několik let pro Prestashop 1.6 a byl jsem maximálně spokojen - výborný design i funkce. Nyní jsem upgradoval eshop na 1.7 a proto jsem instaloval novou verzi OPC pro PS 1.7.6. - tato nová verze je dotažená ještě dál a je naprosto perfektní. Funguje naplno hned na první pokus a nabízí volbu několika vzhledů, které měníte jen snadným přepnutím v administraci. Dobře funguje volba pro firmy, rozlišuje se IČO i DIČ, to dřív nebylo u PS jednoduché. Lze zvolit, jestli je primární fakturační nebo dodaci adresa, to také dříve nebylo. Výborná funkce je možnost editace polohy všech prvků na OPC stránce - můžete si je přeházet a zařadit podle potřeby. Neznám OPC modul, který by se k tomuto alespoň vzdáleně přiblížil.
This checkout module is simply awesome. So flexible and configurable. Functions and looks great.
Absolutely brilliant. A well designed and coded module that just works! No overrides, looks modern, no glitches. Just can't fault it in any way and hands down blows every other OPC module out of the water.
This OPC is just the best in his kind don’t look further this is the One, the skills of the developer are very high and service are the best, He made The Checkout even better than the previous one for 1.6 The Checkout is compatible with the European VAT number from Pestashop, Myparcel module, PayPal AW with a fee and more. I also like the street nr. Forget function and the “I am a business customer” check box. It have many options you have never thought about it, that make this module the best.
Great plugin: easy to install and use, elegant style... Before purchase the developer answered all my questions, with great kindness and competence

Best module I have seen in a while!
This is really great module, I am quite picky but this one exceeded my expectations, great job Peter!

A fast, complete module with a great impact on the site and conv
A fast, complete module with a great impact on the site and conversions. Customer support is nothing short of spectacular! Professional and prepared people! 100% RECOMMENDED
I tried to simplify checkout in my store but all solutions for PrestaShop 1.7 had something not intuitive or unable to set the way I want to work. Unless I found "The Checkout". It's so clear, simple to understand both for shop owner and client. It has so many different options to set so you can easily modify it to suit your needs. It has 3 default styling and all of them are really modern. The way you can style it's so powerful - you do it directly in the module and can style all the elements. I also want to underline how helpful was helpdesk - they spent a lot of time to fix the problem even it was caused by my store configuration. I really recommend "The Checkout". For me it was so called game changer!
The best module I have used I recommend it a lot.

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